AtmosFX Halloween Hosts

AtmosFX released the new decoration named Halloween Hosts

AtmosFX has released the new digital decoration called “Halloween Hosts” on 09/23/2021.With this AtmosFX brings us once again scary beautiful digital decorations that can be wonderfully used as a projection on the window, garage, TV and 3DFX Form.

The Collection “Halloween Hosts” contains the following characters:

  • Brooding Buttler – The welcome from this surly servant is both decent and deceptive. What might he be hiding at this
  • Fortune Teller – There’s no way to escape your fate. But are you free to live as you please – or does Madame Zulta
  • Ghost Bride – This temperamental temptress loves a wedding as much as Halloween. Will you ask for her

These 3 characters tell us good and terrible tales. It also contains a mode for 3DFX Form where all 3 characters are acting together.

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