Quohren and the “Old School”

… on the private website about the Quohren district of Kreischa, which is picturesquely embedded at the beginning of a long valley. Here there is information about Quohren itself but of course also about the community of Kreischa to which Quohren belongs. The landmark of Quohren is the old school, which was in operation until 1975. Today it is a residence for several families but still shows the Quoherenern how the time.
Alte Schule 2011

The old school is almost majestic. Not in the town center, but clearly visible from all sides. Although you hike into the valley from the Quohrene Kipse, come from Kreischa or from Kleincarsdorf; The old lady is easy to see. From a distance, the tower is the first thing you see. He says, “Look, this is a special building”.